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Genomic signatures defining responsiveness to allopurinol and combination therapy for lung cancer identified by systems therapeutics analyses

I Tavassoly, Y Hu, S Zhao, C Mariottini, Ai Boran, Y Chen, L Li, RE Tolentino, G Jayaraman, J Goldfarb, J Gallo and R Iyengar, Molecular Oncology, 2019

For downloading the data, bioinformatics code and mathematical model presented in this paper click here.

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Dynamic modeling of the interaction between autophagy and apoptosis in mammalian cells

I Tavassoly, J Parmar, AN Shajahan‐Haq, R Clarke, WT Baumann, JJ Tyson

CPT: pharmacometrics & systems pharmacology, 2015.

For downloading the mathematical model presented in this paper click here.

Dynamic modelling of oestrogen signalling and cell fate in breast cancer cells

JJ Tyson, WT Baumann, C Chen, A Verdugo,

I Tavassoly, Y Wang, LM Weiner, R Clarke

Nature Reviews Cancer, 2011.


Systems Biology Primer: the basic methods and approaches.

I Tavassoly, J Goldfarb, R Iyengar

 Essays in Biochemistry, 2018.

This issue of Essays in Biochemistry provides an overview of current research at the interface of the disciplines of biochemistry and systems biology and also looks ahead to future interactions. The cover image, based on Figure 2 in the systems biology primer article by Tavassoly et al., depicts the current computational methods used to analyze different types of high-throughput as well we as small scale in-depth experimental data in systems biology. For further details, see pages 487-500.

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Endoplasmic reticulum stress, the unfolded protein response, autophagy, and the integrated regulation of breast cancer cell fate

R Clarke, KL Cook, R Hu, COB Facey, I Tavassoly, JL Schwartz, et al., 

Cancer Research, 2012.

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For downloading the mathematical model presented in this paper click here.

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