Essays in Biochemistry Cover

The cover of Essays in Biochemistry (Special Issue of Systems Biology) represents our review paper of systems biology primer.

Hk Maker Lab Student

My student, Ramisa Madeha, from HIGH SCHOOL BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING PROGRAM AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (Hk Maker Lab) works on a systems biology project about therapeutic resistance in breast cancer using transcriptomics and network modeling methods.


My student Dennis Gedik who is a Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) Emperor Science Awardee works on a project of gene signature discovery in cancer with me.

IMO Workshop 8: Evolutionary Therapy

I received a travel fellowship from Moffitt Physical Sciences Oncology Center and Integrated Mathematical Oncology (IMO) department of Moffitt Cancer Center to participate in MO Workshop 8: Evolutionary Therapy.

Systems Biology Primer

Our systems biology primer review paper was published in Essays in Biochemistry: Tavassoly I, Goldfarb J, Iyengar R, Systems biology primer: the basic methods and approaches, Essays In Biochemistry, 2018, DOI: 10.1042/EBC20180003

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