Iman Tavassoly (MD, PhD)

I am a physician-scientist working on Precision and Quantitative Medicine.

I use computational and mathematical methods combined with clinical,  in vitro, and in vivo data and technologies to discover and design new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for precision medicine and oncology.

I received my Ph.D. on Systems Biology of Cancer. I used a set of mathematical modalities (nonlinear dynamics and bifurcation theory) and quantitative experiment to build an in silico model of Autophagy in the context of therapeutic resistance in cancer. 

My CV is available here.

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Highlights from my Research

Systems Therapeutics for Precision Oncology

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mTOR Signalling and Cell Fate Decision in Cancer

Iman Tavassoly.jpg

Systems Biology 

Iman Tavssoly-Systems Biology.jpg

Systems Biology of Autophagy in Cancer

Cellular Atlas of Complex Diseases

Quantitative Systems Pharmacology

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Iman Tavassoly.jpg

Cellular Signaling Control Systems

EGFR Signalling.tiff

Systems Pharmacology for COVID-19 Infection

Tavassoly COVID19.png